What Not to Wear on a Virtual Date

A date is a date is a date. If someone invites you to get to know them (or vice versa) with the hope of a romantic connection as a result, that is a date.  Whether this date takes place over drinks, a picnic in the park, or via Zoom, it is still a date. So […]

25 Tips When You’re Single and Quarantined From The Coronavirus

During the coronavirus scare, you may have been quarantined for coming into contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus. Once quarantined your social life is going to decline, you’ll stop dating, and stop meeting altogether. Make sure you’re responsible and take full direction from a doctor. This piece is not a medical one. Speak […]

18 Reasons Online Dating Sucks

Online dating sucks. You spend time swiping for hours, spending money on dates you don’t enjoy, and being catfished. It’s a rough scene when it comes to online dating. Below are 18 reasons online dating sucks. Reasons Online Dating Sucks 1. Time to Swipe & Message Swiping and messaging on an online dating app takes […]

50 Dating Tips for 2020

With 2020 in full swing and still being single, you may have begun to second guess yourself on how you’re approaching dating. In the comprehensive list below, we go through 50 dating tips for 2020. Some of these dating tips may seem unconventional and will push you outside your comfort zone. However, discomfort isn’t bad, […]

Best Subreddits for Dating

Filter Off put together a list of the top subreddits for people who are dating. Many people who are just beginning to date or trying a dating app for the first time may feel intimidated. They don’t know where to take their date or what dating app to use. The questions are endless. When you’re […]

14 Ways Guys Lie on Their Online Dating Profiles

Approximately 50% of millennials have used dating apps. However, with the abundance of dating app users, many of these dating profiles are not truthful. As previously discussed, catfishing is a major issue. It’s not uncommon for guys to stretch the truth about their dating profiles or even flatly lie about it. It’s a crappy feeling […]

20 Ways to Avoid Being Catfished on Dating Apps

Reshuffling your plans, doing your makeup, taking the train, getting to your date and then quickly realizing he catfished you is a disheartening feeling. For anyone who doesn’t know what catfishing is, it is when a person is dishonest about their photos or other personal information. This is often done to make oneself appear younger […]

Invite for the Spireworks App

There is nothing more romantic than being on a date and changing the lights on the NYC skyscrapers. Spireworks is just that. This secret NYC based app allows you to control the spire lights from your phone. However, not many people can get their hands on this app since it’s invite only.  As a Spireworks […]

A New Dating App Is Committed To Cutting Down On Sketchy Encounters

Originally seen on Glam Over the last several years, much of the stigma surrounding online dating has drifted away. As schedules get busier and screen time increases, swiping has become common practice when it comes to meeting new people — so much so, a recent report found that a majority of married couples today met their spouse through […]

Tinder Versus Hinge

As the online dating debate rages, many daters ask what’s better Tinder or Hinge? Tinder and Hinge have been around for 8 years, but Hinge has recently gained notoriety after pivoting from a traditional swipe app. Both of these dating apps are extremely effective in landing yourself an online date but they do have their […]


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