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50 Dating Tips for 2020

With 2020 in full swing and still being single, you may have begun to second guess yourself on how you’re approaching dating. In the comprehensive list below, we go through 50 dating tips for 2020. Some of these dating tips may seem unconventional and will push you outside your comfort zone. However, discomfort isn’t bad, it allows you to grow. Stick with it and try out the dating tips for 2020 below! 

Here are 50 dating tips for 2020

1. Communicate your needs

Share what you’re looking for upfront with your date. If your date is looking only for a hookup and you’re looking for something serious, make it a hard pass. Set boundaries and follow through.

communicate your needs to your date

2. Don’t get attached to people you barely know

If you just meet and fall in love take a step back. You definitely don’t know them and you may be projecting on what you want them to be versus who they actually are. Give it a few dates and play it out. They may or may not be your ideal match.

3. If they stop texting don’t make a big deal about it

If they stop texting you and your intuition says that they’re not into you, either move on or follow up at a later date. Don’t stress out. There are so many fish in the sea. Sure, they may be busy, but if they’re genuinely interested in you they will take the time to meet up. Don’t obsess or overdo it. After a few messages without a response, it’s probably best to just give up.

4. Don’t let them talk you into waiting if they’re not ready

I like you but… These are the infamous words. If a guy or girl shares this and drags you along, at least be prepared for the worst. If they’re not ready for you now, will they ever be ready for you? Be upfront and share with them that you can’t be dragged along. See how they respond and really listen to understand why they’re dragging their feet.

5. Don’t stress out about labels

If you want labels, communicate it. If the person you’re dating doesn’t want to be considered your official boyfriend or girlfriend, you may have to think twice about whether they see this as something serious. Trust your gut, and have an honest conversation by asking them why they’re against labels? 

don't stress out about labels

6. Go on dates that excite you

You may be dying to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in 2020, but don’t go on dates just to go on dates. Sure practice can help, but if you begin to find yourself in a routine of going on dates that don’t excite you, you may have to take a hard look at yourself and decide whether that’s what you really want or not. It’s okay to reject people or turn down a date request if you’re really not feeling it. Respect your time as well as theirs. 

7. Stop putting in the effort if they’re not that into you

Do you feel like this relationship is one-sided? If so, you have to evaluate whether that is how you’d like to spend your energy. Someone who loves you and treats you right will put in the effort.

8. Don’t ignore the red flags

If there are a number of red flags that come up while dating, ask yourself if this is someone you actually want to be with. The last thing you want to do is wait and realize later on that they were not a fit after all. The one thing you can never get back is your time. In short, draw a line if there are a ton of red flags that make you uncomfortable by dating this person.

dont ignore the red flags when dating

9. Follow your intuition

Similar to other points, you must follow your intuition/gut when dating in 2020. If something seems off about this person or you really are not that into them, don’t waste your time or theirs. It’s okay to break it off.

10. Share your location with a friend on a first date

This is important for safety. If you’re meeting your date, share your location with a friend or enable the Find My Friends feature on your iPhone so your friend can see where you are. 

11. Ask for their Instagram

Everyone nowadays has an Instagram, unless you became addicted and had to forcibly delete the app. By asking for their Instagram you can get a snapshot into their life. Unfortunately, not everyone will share their Instagram, especially if they don’t know you. 

12. Go on FaceTime chat

This may be uneasy for some people to FaceTime/video chat before the date, but it’s the best way to see if they’re who they say they are. Apps like Filter Off or Bumble use video chat to prevent any sort of catfishing. Yes, it may be uneasy but what’s better, trying it out and feeling uncomfortable or showing up to the date only to realize you have been catfished?

13. Don’t go over to your dates house on the first date

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s so important to get a feel for your date before going to their house. Start with coffee or a drink in a public setting.

14. Meet in a public setting

Meet in a public setting where people are! It’s essential to not go to a desolate area on date number one. Your safety is a top priority. If your date asks to meet you in the park, that’s a hard no, aside from it being extremely creepy.

meet your online date in a public setting

15. Treat it as an experience/process

Dating is a process. You may be at the point of being frustrated but think of it as a process. Going on bad dates can actually be helpful in learning what you like and don’t like in people.

16. Wear protection

The last thing you want is to be tied to someone for the rest of your life unwillingly or receive an STD. Be smart and wear protection even if the guy or girl says you can pull out. Pulling out isn’t effective. Be smart and wear a condom.

if your date won't wear a condom

17. Be upfront about STD history

When you start sleeping together, you can have the conversation and get tested before you decide to not wear protection. However, if you’re not in a monogamous relationship this point is moot. 

18. Don’t be strong-armed into sexting / sending nudes

If your date asks you to send nudes or begins sexting you, it’s okay to say no. Don’t let them guilt you into something you don’t feel comfortable with. Also, pictures on the internet can live forever. You don’t want your photo showing up on a site or being shared with your date’s friends.  

19. Use the block button if they send an unsolicited pic

Unfortunately, when being on a dating app, many men have a tendency to send unsolicited pictures. Feel free to hit unmatch. If they send you one while texting, feel free to block them. 

20. Ask about past relationships

It’s natural to bring up previous relationships. Listen closely to how those relationships went and how they see their past exes. If they have all gone poorly and your date puts down every single one, that could be a red flag. History repeats itself, as they say… 

21. Do they have and/or want kids

Don’t be ashamed of asking about their past. It’s okay to ask if they have kids. It is up to you to decide whether you want to date someone with kids since that’s another layer of commitment, and potentially a big one. 

ask your date if they want or have kids

22. If they’ve been married

If you’re 30 and above, it is not uncommon to date someone that had been divorced. If they were divorced recently, they may still have battle scars. You can assess whether they’re up to date and the sort of relationship they’re looking for. This is up to you on whether you want to date previously married men or women. The likelihood of meeting divorcees obviously only increases with age.

23. Religion

Unfortunately or fortunately when you date someone you also somewhat date their family. Your date’s family may not want them to date you because of your religion. If this is the case, your relationship can end ugly, holding resent against the. Have an adult conversation on whether they’re okay dating you given the religious differences.

does their family want you to date someone of your religion

24. Don’t let someone pressure you

If your date pressures you even after you ask them to stop but they persist, it’s your call on whether that’s someone you want to be with. In all likelihood that will be the type of relationship you will have with them. Don’t get confused in someone pushing you to go outside your comfort zone versus flat out pressuring you to do something you don’t want to do.

25. Practice

When you first begin to date it may go poorly. Like anything, you are not a master at first. When you first begin to workout you hit the lightweights then progress to heavier and more complicated exercises. It is similar when it comes to dating. Don’t be hard on yourself if the first few dates are not ideal. Keep practicing and build the dating muscle for 2020. 

26. Don’t let your parents influence you

If you fall for someone and your parents tell you not to date them, it is up to you to on whether you want to sever the relationship. It is your life. Don’t let your parents run it. They won’t be here forever. 

27. Listen to advice with a grain of salt

Your friends may have their opinions about the person you’re seeing, but take it with a grain of salt. They may not have your best interest at heart and may be projecting their past experiences. Thank them for their feedback, but ultimately it’s your decision on who you date.

28. Share common values

Do you and the person you’re dating share common values? Opposites don’t always attract. Your date may be complementary, but if they don’t share fundamental values, your relationship is going to be a rocky one.

make sure your date shares common values

29. Don’t play games

It’s 2020, don’t play games in your relationship and pull at one’s heartstrings through manipulation. If you like them, treat them well. If you’re not feeling it, be honest. Don’t waste their time or yours.

30. Abuse

If you’re in an abusive relationship end it now. No one deserves physical or emotional abuse. It is common that the victim bonds with the abuser. This is known as Stockholm syndrome. If you’re being abused call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

break up if you're being abused by your boyfriend

31. Don’t date someone looking for validation

Once you begin to date, you may notice that they will constantly seek your approval in order to validate themselves. Make sure you’re hyper-aware of this. Unfortunately the person you’re dating may not be ready to date. This will lead to a challenging relationship as they will never think they’re enough. It is not your responsibility to make sure they feel validated.

32. Do they complement who you’re as a person

Finding someone to date in 2020 is quite different than in the past. Date someone who brings out the best qualities of you. Do they light you up? Can you learn from them? 

When you date someone who allows you to grow and vice versa, your relationship will thrive.

33. Do they make you feel good

This is essential to any friendship or relationship. If you begin to date someone and they make you feel crappy, break it off. It sounds obvious, yet people stay in relationships feeling this way. There are so many beautiful people out there. Don’t be around someone that saps your energy or makes you feel bad about yourself.

does your date make you feel good

34. Do you learn from them

If you’re 30 and begin dating someone and get married you may be with that person for 60+ years. Find someone that fascinates you and someone you can learn from. Don’t be with someone who is a bore. Looks fade, but knowledge and connection is ever-expanding.

35. Can they be your best friend

Similar to the last point, you may be with this person for the rest of your life. When dating, date someone that you consider your best friend versus someone who is fun to be around. Don’t sell your self short.

36. Don’t be afraid of making the first move

If you’re feeling it after your date go for the goodnight kiss. If it feels forced hold off until the next time you take them out. But remember you don’t need to kiss them after date number 1. Go for the long-game and don’t force it.

don't be afraid to make the first move on your date

37. Great sex

If your sex is lacking, that is a big deal in any relationship. Your sex can improve over time with your partner, but unfortunately you can’t win them all. Sometimes sexual chemistry is lacking.

You may be with this person for the rest of your life. If your sex is bad, you have to ask yourself honestly if that’s something you’re okay with living with. Sexual chemistry may not just be there.

make sure you have great sex in your relationship

38. Won’t wear a condom

If the guy refuses to wear a condom or says that he will pull out, say no. In the moment it may be hard to say no, but make sure to be stern on wearing protection. You will regret it in the morning and it will lead to unnecessary stress.

39. Respectful

This may seem obvious, but is your date respectful? How are they around your family? Your friends? Do they treat you like your best friend? If you feel otherwise, this is not a match.

40. Don’t cheat

Unfortunately, cheating happens and it sucks. If you feel the need to cheat on your partner, just break up with them. The emotional wounds that it can cause can last a lifelong. If you care about them, have a discussion on how you’re feeling or end it if you’re no longer feeling it.

41. Give compliments freely not to reciprocate

Giving compliments freely is the cheapest and one of the most effective forms of currency. Give them, just to give them without expecting anything in return. If you love the dress your partner is wearing, share that with her. If you love how he makes you feel good with his morning texts, acknowledge it and share how much he means to you. 

42. Take accountability for your actions

If you make a mistake own up to it. Don’t blame others. Accountability stems deeper than making mistakes. It is for every decision you make in your relationship. Once you hold yourself accountable for every decision in your life, that is when you will begin to see yourself as a powerful person. Whether the decision was a poor one or not, it’s a learning experience. You’re not going to bat a thousand. Life is a game of practice with success and failures. 

43. Be honest with yourself

What is it that you actually want? Do you no longer want to be in a relationship? Do you feel that he or she is not doing it for you? Time is the most expensive currency. A common mistake in relationships is trying to change your partner or hoping that your relationship will get better. Be upfront with yourself. Sometimes it takes time to realize that they’re not a fit, but don’t prolong the situation. You don’t want to wake up one day regretting that you never had the courage to be honest with yourself.

44. Be open to new experiences

There is nothing sexier than someone who is open to new experiences and trying new things. Life is an adventure. This is an essential dating tip for 2020. Be open to the opportunities that present themselves. 

be open to new experiences when dating someone

45. Don’t shy away from online dating

About 40% of heterosexual couples and 65% of same-sex couples meet on online dating, according to Market Watch. Don’t limit yourself from dating online.  

46. (Men) pay for your dates

Men, pay for your dates, especially in the beginning. If your date refuses when picking up the check, insist. If she refuses again, split it. When you begin to date more seriously you can discuss how you’d like to split the finances. That adjusts from couple to couple.

47. Don’t do expensive dinners on date #1

You meet this amazing woman from an app. She is beautiful and you would love to make a good impression. You go out for steaks with wine, appetizers, and dessert. $200 later, you realize you made a mistake. You weren’t that into her. In short, skip dinner on date one and start with drinks. You can even keep it to a drink each if you’re worried about costs. 

48. Don’t over text

Try to go on actual dates. Your match may seem like the perfect fit over text, but their texting skills don’t necessarily translate into how well you two will vibe in-person. Make plans, don’t over text, and meet. After meeting it’s up to you on how you’d like to communicate, but calling or FaceTiming is essential for communication for any relationship.

49. Don’t obsess after date #1

It’s easy to think he or she is the one after date number one. You start texting them how is your day multiple times a day. If you begin to feel this way, take a step back. Don’t text them for a day. Give yourself time to cool off and come back to reality. Another way to stop obsessing is to go on a few more dates to take your mind off your date that you are obsessing about. 

50. Date a few people until you find the right fit

Take your time. Go on dates. See what you like and what you don’t like in a person. Don’t settle just because they’re into you. 

date until you find the right fit

Dating in 2020 may seem overwhelming. You may feel like you will be single forever. Reflect on this list of dating tips for 2020 and see what’s missing when you date or in your current relationship. Dating is a process. You learn, you grow, and you evolve as you date into 2020. If you have other dating tips, shoot us an email at

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